A Passion for Plants provides interior plant design, installation and maintenance services to keep offices, resorts and restaurants beautiful and healthy. We are dedicated to staying informed in the industry and the latest trends. Knowing which plants work best for your environment is our specialty.

Just like our name proclaims, we have A Passion for Plants. We deliver beautiful, yet practical plant solutions. We use the right plant for the right space. It is universally accepted that the presence of plants in the workplace reduces stress, increases productivity, and generally makes the environment more pleasant. So, when we design your interiorscape, we take that environment into account by considering your lighting and traffic flow.

These beauties are the most dependable you will ever have on staff! They are extremely qualified and provide many benefits. They :

  •         Are always dressed to impress – our plants have scheduled maintenance
  •         Exceed company standards – we use only the best available
  •         Enhance your work environment – plants improve employee spirits and help clean the air
  •         Require no on-the-job training – they are ready to do their job from day one
  •         Are loyal, committed and dedicated – describes our plants (and our service!)

Let A Passion for Plants help you identify and recruit your ultimate team members.